I am a singer songwriter. 


An ever-evolving hunger to learn hopefully keeps me improving.  I love to write songs and short stories but am not always great at responding to emails in a timely manner. Oh well.  Can’t win them all I guess.


I started writing songs when I was four.  When inspiration struck, I asked the babysitter for a pencil and paper so I could write it down.  She would not give it to me because she said “…you sing songs not write them…”.  I remember thinking she didn’t know what she was taking about.  I forged on regardless.  In the early days the songs were mostly about a young girl eager to embark on the adventures and good fortune that certainly awaited.  Then they turned into more lonesome anthems of lost love and dreams.  Eventually the songs ran the roller coaster of finding love, having a family, being a mother, being a single mother, dating as a single mother, poverty and the painful but sometimes ridiculously funny moments in it all.  


These days my family and I live on a small farm in California.  I love tending the garden and the orchard.  I find that I crave the air and earthy smells if I am away for any amount of time.  I still write constantly.  Still love to perform.  Still following the rainbow.  Still see it all as an adventure.


Maybe I’ll see you along the way.



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